Thank you for visiting our online Deposit A Gift registry! We created this registry so that you can be intimately involved in all of the joys that come with starting our new life together. It offers guests the option to give outside of traditional store registries and contribute to what we'll need to purchase in our first years together.

We have been blessed to already have established a home together and have everything we could need. As a married couple, our first item of business is to buy the beautiful home we currently live in. If you'd like to give a gift for our wedding, we ask that you please support our First Home Fund. If you would prefer to buy a gift, please check out our wedding registries at Macy's and Target (Links to our registries can be found on our wedding website). If you prefer to just show up and party with us, that's all we really want!!

Look around and learn more about our life after marriage! Just click the "Registry" button on the left to begin.

We’re so happy to have you as part of this moment and look forward to seeing you on June 13, 2015!


Stephanie and Justin

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